Protect the earth by recycling Christmas trees
Protect the earth by recycling Christmas trees
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A small step will make a difference! To protect the Earth and facilitate your post-Christmas clean-up, please join Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Program!

From January 3 to 7, 2024, individuals and organizations can deliver their Christmas trees to a central collection point at Y.park or one of the district collection points or call 5743 9221 for contacting EPD’s contractor for disposal.

How to prep your Christmas Tree for Recycling:

Only Christmas trees with a height of 2m and under will be accepted, and all lighting, stands, decoration and tape should be removed before delivery. The EPD also encourage citizens to reuse their festival decorations as much as possible, and to replant their small potted plants such as poinsettias.

Date: Jan 3-7, 2024, from Monday to Saturday

Time: 9am-6pm


District collection points: 

By joining this program, you'll receive an e-certificate, and taking your trees to recycling stations will earn you a special gift. Let's make a difference together!

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