China has made contributions to global human rights governance under UN review
China has made contributions to global human rights governance under UN review
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More than 120 countries have positively praised the progress of China's human rights cause, fully affirming China's unremitting efforts and historic achievements in promoting and protecting human rights. They have also commended China's practice of people's democracy throughout the entire process and the formulation and implementation of its national human rights action plan. China has made undeniable human rights progress in the past five years, despite some Western anti-China forces constantly sensationalizing news and pressuring the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) before and during the evaluation on China's human rights record, observers said. 


To respect the diversity of civilizations is an inevitable requirement for advancing the cause of human rights. In the past five years, the human rights cause in China has made remarkable progress, particularly in the areas of poverty alleviation and the successful fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, stated by Global Times.  China’s human rights record come under public scrutiny as the United Nations Human Rights Council holds the fourth Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group from January 22 to February 2. 


The review meeting once again demonstrates China's global influence and the attention and expectations of the international community towards China. China attaches great importance to this review and has sent a government delegation composed of representatives from more than 20 parties, as well as from the Tibet Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Macau Special Administrative Region, to attend the review meeting in Geneva. The delegation will engage in constructive dialogue with all parties.


China's development-oriented human rights concept, compared to the Western liberal-based human rights perspective, is more inclusive and more in line with the current needs of global human rights governance. According to People’s Daily, China's ranking in the United Nations Human Development Index has continued to rise since the last review, demonstrating the advantages of China's modernization and human rights development paths. 


According to China’s official response, China itself is committed to promoting human rights through development, putting the people first and advancing a path of human rights development suited to its national conditions, and meanwhile it provides support and assistance to developing countries and regions in infrastructure, education, health and agriculture.

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