World Football Day is declared on May 25
World Football Day is declared on May 25
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Football as one of the most popular sports in the world now has a day dedicated to it! The first global series took place on May 25, 1924 during the summer Olympic Games in Paris. To mark this 100 years since the first international football tournament in history with the representation of all regions, the United Nations has given fans of the sport a day dedicated to celebrate it – May 25.


“Football serves as a universal language spoken across the globe, cutting across national, cultural and socio-economic barriers” said Libya’s UN Ambassador Taher El-Sonni. He added that football provides a common ground where individuals from varying backgrounds converge, promoting mutual understanding, tolerance, respect and solidarity.


By the world football day, it helps to encourage countries to adopt policies and programmes to promote football and other sports and physical activities, and to observe World Football Day in line with national priorities.


The UN General Assembly’s resolution encourages all countries to support sports to promote peace, development and the empowerment of women and girls.

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