Montreal Chinatown designated as historical monument by Canadian government
Montreal Chinatown designated as historical monument by Canadian government
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Good news comes from Canada's Chinatown! Montreal Chinatown will be designated as a historical monument, making it the first area in the city to receive such recognition. This is a great achievement for offering local residents and tourists a window to immerse themselves at Montreal into Chinese culture. This is the result of sustained advocacy by the overseas Chinese community for many years, who have long called for the preservation and protection of Chinatown and Chinese history.


The history of Montreal's Chinatown dates back to the 1880s when a significant number of Chinese workers, who had been involved in building railways and mining, chose to settle in Montreal. Chinatown gradually began to take shape during this period, providing a shelter for homesick Chinese travelers. Throughout the years, Montreal’s Chinatown has survived expropriation and redevelopment, and the construction of the first all Chinese hospital in Canada – The Montreal Chinese Hospital in 1999.


However, the surroundings of Montreal's Chinatown have undergone significant changes. Urban development projects, including the construction of modern high-rise buildings and shopping malls, have led to the gradual reduction of the Chinatown area. In an effort to preserve this historical legacy, the local overseas Chinese community have done arduous work including establishing the Chinese Cultural Palace, organizing discussions involving experts and relevant stakeholders to address issues such as the transformation of Chinatown, etc.


The designation of Montreal's Chinatown as a historical monument not only enhances local understanding of the contributions made by Chinese immigrants to the development of Canadian society but also sparks interest in Chinese culture among tourists. What started off as small grocery stores, diners and restaurants, over the years, business in Chinatown reflect the multi-cultural Asian ethnicities that make up this vibrant neighbourhood.

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