Green Olympics in Paris starts from meat-free menu
Green Olympics in Paris starts from meat-free menu
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When it comes to culinary trends, vegan is one that has seen a dramatic increase over the past decade and even more so over the past few years. 


The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are making a significant environmental commitment by offering 60 percent of their food options as meat-free. This decisive effort aims to reduce the carbon footprint and promote healthier dining choices.


The culinary lineup for Paris 2024 will feature meat-free burgers, quinoa salads, falafels, and other vegetarian delights. Moreover, 80 percent of the dishes will be sourced from local produce in France, further lessening the Games' environmental impact.


Tony Estanguet, the president of Paris 2024, emphasized the collective responsibility to change habits and significantly reduce the carbon footprint. He encouraged patrons to explore the delectable vegan options available, stating, “It’s a collective duty now to change our habits and definitely to reduce our carbon footprint.”


To minimize the event's carbon footprint, Estanguet urged both participants and attendees to utilize public transportation to reach the venues and to consider the plant-based food offerings. “Go green” has been gaining more support in recent culinary trends.


Health-conscious consumers and animal rights supporters from all around the world are dedicated to following vegan guidelines, cooking vegan food, and dining in vegan restaurants more than ever.       

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